My first World Ostomy Day – showing my stoma six months on

So today is World Ostomy Day. This is my first one since the birth of my stoma Winnie, and she is really celebrating it!

Me and Winnie getting ready for a night out

Me and Winnie getting ready for a night out

I’ve always been open about having my ostomy bag and about what life is really like with my stoma. There is no point pretending that life without part or all of your large bowel is hard and that having a bag of poo hanging on the outside of your body doesn’t make you feel like shit. I really don’t think there is any point me sugar-coating it…I would just be lying to myself and to you guys.

Life with an ostomy bag can be, well, crap to be honest. There can be days where my bag just leaks and leaks, or my stoma stops working together. There can be nights where I am woken up 10 times as endless amounts of weird-looking food (that I seriously don’t remember eating) make their way out of the hole, filling the bag to the point of explosion. And don’t get me started on gas…no, seriously don’t get me started on it!

So, during my six months living with my ostomy I have been humiliated in hospitals and at airport security, had a few very painful experiences with sweetcorn and some

would you know I had an ostomy?

would you know I had an ostomy?

unfortunate leaks in the centre of town. I’ve also had the added problem of my mucus fistula – or second stoma. I’ve yet to find a pair of jeans that don’t cut off Winnie’s circulation, and I have moments where I look in the mirror and truly miss my old body…But would I change having an ostomy? NO…not for anything in the world!!!

Yes, I am being serious. I am proud of my ostomy, I am proud of my stoma, and I am proud to call myself an ostomate. Would I tell someone about it on a first date if I was single, I can’t honestly say that I would, but many people don’t tell potential partners about their kids for god’s sake!

The first time I showed my ostomy to the world Dr Christian Jesson retweeted it to all of his hundreds of thousands of followers and my blog went global. The support I got was unbelievable. No one said URGH or EWH – there was no hate, no disgust, just a heck of a lot of support. It was overwhelming.

Skin still a little painful 6 months on

Skin still a little painful 6 months on

So to celebrate World Ostomy Day here she is – six months on, my problematic stoma, who can be both stubborn, rebellious and down right cruel. But she also saved my life and stopped me living in constant pain. So cheers to you Winnie, and cheers to all the ostomates out there. You are brave to just comprehend the idea of having a stoma let alone putting up with the day in day out challenge of living with one. I raise my glass to you all…we made it through the surgery and we shouldn’t hide in shame…why should we, we survived and we are all stronger people for doing it. I hope you will join me by wearing your ostomy with pride today to show the world that we have nothing to be scared or ashamed of!

Ok, so I wish I’d known before today, when I saw it on twitter, that it was world ostomy day, I would have done something really special to spread awareness. But, I guess this will have to do, oh and having our house party to celebrate my surgery and Andy moving in – which wouldn’t have been possible without Winnie because of my

From the side

From the side

Crohn’s/ UC.

So, if you don’t have an ostomy that’s all it is! It’s just a little pink lump on the outside of my body – it’s not minging, it’s not gross and it’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of. It is a lifesaving and life changing operation. Yes I poo in a bag, but it’s just poo and you do it to…so what’s the problem. In fact mine is more controlled than yours!

I’m proud to be an ostomate, and although you can’t tell I have a stoma with my clothes on, I will never deny or hide that I have an ostomy. Why should I???



10 thoughts on “My first World Ostomy Day – showing my stoma six months on

  1. As I have tweeted to you before, you are an inspiration. My Grandma had an ostomy bag 13 years ago as a result of bowel cancer. She hated it. I was too young to really understand and the internet was in its infancy in terms of support. If it were now things would be so much different. There is a very real liklihood that with my family history I will develop bowel cancer one day and I too will be faced with an ostomy bag. But your blog puts it all into perspective. I know it would be hard to adjust but I also now realise I would get through it and embrace it as the life saver it would be.

    Keep up the blog. You are helping both fellow and future ostomates.

    Much love.


    • I find your attitude refreshing and admirable. The prospect of cancer and surgery is nothing less than a disturbing one, but I think you are thinking about it in the right way. I hope it doesn’t come to the surgery for you and that you never have to go through what you gran went through – but if it happens know that you are not alone and I will be here to support you.

  2. Happy first world ostomy day to you! You’re looking lovely. I enjoy your blog very much, it’s so nice to see such a positive outlook on things. I have had my stoma 5 years and am still trying to conquer dating again – that’s my challenge. Have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing your stories with us.

  3. Keep at it and be positive. You are still our lovely daughter no matter what happens and we are both so very proud of you and the way you have coed with all the pain and your operation.

  4. I will be having op stoma or baboons bum as my daughter calls it on the 29/4/15 im so looking forwards to it. life without laxs and having to plan loo trips or being housebound . after 28 years of not being able to poop and pain not allowed to eat fruit and veg my life will be so much better.

    • You have an amazing attitude – I’m sorry that i have only just got in touch, I hope the operation went well.
      I’m not meant to eat veg but I still do, even when it hurts! I seem to be a glutton for punishment, but I can’t seem to stop eating olives.
      I hope that you are feeling better, it will be sore for a while, but you seem to have the right attitude.
      Welcome to the ostomate club 🙂 xx

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