Halloween treats and bonfire delight: a lego man and a pumpkin let loose

The last couple of days I have felt very tired, but despite feeling a bit gloomy (like the weather) over the prospect of the next lot of surgery which could be looming just around the corner I’ve decided to get cracking with getting fit – oh, and did I mention having a bit of fun.

Over the weekend I let myself go. Ok, so I didn’t go mental, but I had a bit of organised fun and games. Starting with my mate’s Halloween party on Friday night. In all fairness I am surprised I made it to the party at all. For a start I didn’t feel great, it was chaos at work, and then to top it all the most essential part of my outfit didn’t arrive – it was only a purple dress but you can’t really go as Daphne from Scooby Doo without a purple dress. I traipsed around town for about an hour, but I couldn’t find anything. At one point I even found myself in Ann Summers’ where the over-keen sales assistant tried to coax me into trying on a range of highly inappropriate outfits, which frankly wouldn’t cover my small finger let alone my entire body. In the end I, for no apparent reason, felt the need to tell her I didn’t want to wear a skintight leopard print leotard or an all in one PVC cat suit, by saying “I’m sorry do you have anything a little less clingy, I have an ostomy bag”…..don’t ask me why I said it, I think I wanted a way out without resorting to using one of the shops whips as a weapon.

I’m being serious. It might seem like a bizarre situation, but I was being honest and she was very helpful. But despite her best efforts she couldn’t coax me into any of the whips and chains outfits – I’m not sure I’m in any way ready for that sort of thing….not that I ever will be.

I ended up searching in every fancy dress shop minutes before the city centre totally closed-down, but couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t leave me tugging down my skirt all night so the whole party didn’t get a peek at my pants, or that wouldn’t leave me trying to perform a magic trick every time I needed to empty Winnie (ostomy bag).

I went home rather depressed, sobbing about how unfair it was, and then turning into a world class cow stropping all over the place and insisting I would under no circumstances be going to the party – at one point I think I said I could go as myself without makeup (a scary sight for anyone). Anyway my poor boyfriend battled massive queues of traffic to stop at a fancy dress shop and hire me a pumpkin costume….was i pleased? Was I heck – well nothing was going to be right at this stage.

I stropped around in my giant orange ball complaning about looking fat, bloated, unsexy, until I totally ran out of things to complain about and just sulked. But when I got up to the party everyone thought I looked fantastic and I quickly started to enjoy myself. It was strangely liberating to wear an outfit that didn’t need constantly tugging at, that you weren’t afraid of drinking spirits with fizzy pop in, and that I didn’t need to keep checking Winnie was showing under my tight clothes.

And if I may say so myself I made a fairly cute pumpkin….maybe I will always wear a pumpkin outfit when I’m feeling grumpy. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to matter how cute a pumpkin I was, at 2am when we all stumbled across to Telford’s we simply couldn’t get in. I even shrank down into my pumpkin shell like a turtle to show how gutted I was – seemingly a cute, but probably weird thing to do at the time.

To be fair I wouldn’t have let a pumpkin, lego pirate, dead Egyptian, Batman and Red Riding Hood in either. We must have looked a right sight coming down the road.

Then on Saturday, after getting over a very horrible hangover from drinking the most I’ve consumed since my surgery, which still wasn’t really that much to warrant feeling like being hit in the head by a double decker bus, we went to the city’s annual firework display. It was raining and there were gale force winds blowing the fireworks alarmingly in the direction of the crowds, but it was magical and special, especially seeing as this display was mine and Andy’s first official date (so kind of our anniversary) two-years-ago.

So despite the fact I’m still picking glitter out of my eyes (from Halloween makeup) and feeling like I want to sleep all the time, I’m feeling generally happier. Tomorrow night is the 02 media award ceremony so I need to go and pick out my dress from my trusty wardrobe, and on Thursday after another scan at the hospital  I’m heading to London to see Andy and watch the Lion king!!! Horrah!


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