It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS

It’s official Christmas is here. The last page has been sent to press and we’ve all raced out of the newsroom at the speed of light in an attempt to race the horrible storm swamping the UK. I’m writing this as I’m sat in the car genuinely puzzled by the lack of traffic driving home for Christmas this year.

For once I’m excited about Christmas. I’ve never been a Scrooge but I’m usually not feeling very festive at this time of year. If I’m honest I’m usually feeling bloody awful. Like clockwork my Crohn’s/Colitis always kicks off the moment the first mince pie hits the shelf. Most Christmas Day’s have been a battle to just sit still let alone stuff myself with plates of meat and decedent desserts. Often I’m so exhausted I barely have the strength to open my gifts. More times than I care to remember Christmas has been the final hurrah of the year, seeing me admitting myself to hospital on Boxing Day and spending New Year attached to a drip and nil by mouth – never recommended.

This year I’m not well, but it’s going to be different. I look forward to tucking into my turkey without having to rush to the loo between very mouthful. Eating will be a challenge in a different way. Ok, I’m lactose intolerant which always provides a few problems while preparing a festive feast, but this year my ostomy makes certain foods a no go. I’ve already experienced the perils of sprouts. But what about stuffing? Or the amazing chestnuts my mum mixes in with the sprouts? How will my Stoma cope with the vast variety of textures and rich food? What will come out whole and what will actually be digested? I guess I’m just going to have to chance it – and wait and see….

Most of all this year I’m looking forward to spending time with my family. Yes I’m feeling exhausted and drained from all the festivities or the past few weeks and probably still finding bits of sticky tape stuck to my bum after sitting in a mountain of wrapping paper – but I’m grateful I will be out of hospital and able to spend Christmas with my family without being chained to the toilet. I can’t wait to actually see my family’s faces when they open their gifts instead of trying to watch through a haze of pain, and to see Christmas specials on the TV without having to leave the door slightly ajar so I can sneakily watch from my toilet throne.

Fingers crossed it will go without a hitch.

So whether your in hospital or spending time with your family and friends, have a pain free happy Christmas – I hope I will.



One thought on “It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS

  1. Stuffing should be fine, depending what’s in it. Potatoes and most meats seem to be ok too. I’m not sure about chestnuts as I’ve never had them, but I’d say try most things in moderation and you should be fine. Merry Christmas Rachel and I love the beard!

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