What I’ve been reading – the book a week challenge

I might be a few weeks in but I promised to start reviewing the books in the hope it would keep me motivated (so I don’t fail again like last time) and I get suggestions from you guys to increase my literary scope.

This video is my first in a while, so it is rubbish, but don’t be put off by these frankly incomprehensible reviews (I’m better than this) if you want to send me your books to review. I now have a Kindle too so you can email them. If your not an author and just want to suggest some of your favourite books please comment below or tweet me @thestomabaglady – I read anything and everything apart from sex books (each to their own), SciFi and really awful crime books!!!

Hopefully this will be a weekly thing. This week I’m reading Tango 190, and probably at least two others, so if you have any suggestions go ahead, don’t be selfish, share them!!!



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