Back to work after completion proctectomy

Today I went back to the news room after just over two months off recovering from my latest operation. I was excited to be going back after so long sitting in the house, mostly on my own, reading, writing and watching TV. By the end of the day (well you will see) I was exhausted and soaked through (well that was because of the rain mostly!).

Going back to work marks the start of my life turning around. I hope never to be off work for a major illness ever again. My entire professional life has been tainted by illness and surgery and now hopefully this is the end of something horrible and the start of something exciting and new. I am tired today but I know in time my energy levels will go through the roof.

Perhaps I’m giving myself too much to live up to, but if you were impressed by what I did before I had my operation let me just say You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!!!! (hmm I’m sure I will live to regret saying this!)

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