Tomorrow me and Winnie (my stoma) will appear on national TV to talk IBD

Halfway through dialling the number for the police press office today I got a very unexpected phone call. Totally out of the blue I was asked if I could appear on a very well-known sofa tomorrow morning, alongside some very well-known characters (some might call one of them a national treasure) to talk about a not very well-known subject!  

Ok, I will stop being so cryptic, before you start thinking I’m going on Jeremy Kyle to talk about my love life, I have to tell you all….

I’m going to be on BBC BREAKFAST

Please don’t choke on your cornflakes – or send nasty tweets about my awful outfit or too short legs

Yes, that’s right folks, I am going to be joining Bill and Louise on the famous red sofa to talk about Crohn’s, Colitis and living with an ostomy. I think they’re going to be getting more than they bargained for. I might almost be too outspoken and have too much of a back story for what they are after, but I guess they will have to cope with that. This is the first time I have ever been on national TV; in fact I think this is the first time I have ever appeared on the telly – apart from possibly being seen bobbing around in the background on a North West Tonight report trying to catch a suspected criminal going in to Chester Crown Court.

If you know me, have known me, or have been interviewed by me, and didn’t know I have Crohn’s/Colitis and an ostomy bag, tomorrow with be a massive shock for you (and you must have been living on a different planet; with no access to local newspapers; blogs; Facebook; twitter or come within 100 miles of anywhere I have spoken in the past year, or 14 years!).

Of course I’m nervous. John from BBC Breakfast just phoned me to check everything was still ok for tomorrow, and I almost chocked on my tea. Being on the other side of the notebook/camera is always a nerve-wracking/bizarre experience, and has always left me feeling confused. But I like to hope I will do ok, as, I guess, if it all goes wrong it will be brought out time and time again at every function, work do and event I ever attend for the rest of my life.

But tomorrow, no matter how bad my hair looks when I wake up in the morning (pretty damn awful); how red my eyes are; or how little I’ve slept worrying about my blabber mouth, I will be appearing of TV screens across the nation. People will be literally waking up to me – how horrifying! I’m so sorry if you wake up in the morning, bleary eyed and spot me making my TV debut. I just hope that whatever outfit I chose doesn’t make me blend into the sofa, or leave me looking like a bouncing head with an invisible body, or spark national outrage!

At the end of the day raising awareness for Crohn’s and Colitis is incredibly important to me. I want to show everyone in the world that no matter how alone they may feel right now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I want to share my story; increase understanding and show that living with a stoma is nothing to be ashamed of. I want to tell the world IBD sufferers are not just complaining about a tummy bug, period pains or food poisoning – that IBD is a life changing condition, which has serious consequences for sufferers outside the toilet stall. But I also want to show people like me, especially young girls, that no matter how alone they feel there is help out there; they are not alone and will eventually feel better – even if it means having a massive operation and living with an ileostomy – I will never regret my decision to have Winnie (my stoma) for the rest of my life.

I hope I do the IBD and ostomy community proud – if not, you’ll all have a hilarious clip to show of me crashing and burning for years to come!

And I have to pack 13 years of turmoil into a few minutes – which could turn me into a gerbil.

Turn on your telly on BBC One at around 8.10am tomorrow morning to watch me talk about IBD (hopefully!)!


14 thoughts on “Tomorrow me and Winnie (my stoma) will appear on national TV to talk IBD

  1. Just wondering if this will be online on the BBC website or will you post it here for us who don’t live in the UK 😉
    Btw congrats!!!! I’m sure you will do great! Don’t forget your cushion!!! (Actually I’m doing alright without mine nowadays! 🙂

  2. I’ll try to be awake for it 😀 but I’m really not a morning Person XD
    Need more Crohn’s & IBD awareness out there! It’s definitely increased since I was diagnosed tho 🙂

  3. I think it’s great that people are starting to speak out more about crohns. Some of the things I hear about ‘diet’ and crohns are ridiculous. Unless like you and I (and everyone else with crohns or UC) has lived with the disease, no one will ever understand the pain and how horrific the illness can be. When people rubbish the while diet thing it makes me really angry! If anything crohns has driven me to junk food with not being able to eat anything healthy anymore and following a low residue diet for the last 2years (stoma for 8yrs, proctectomy 6rs ago) it needs more people like you to be able to speak out about these things. I haven’t seen the interview yet but hope it went well, well done for putting yourself out there

    • thank you so much – I have to agree with the Crohn’s turns you to junk food comment – I love raw food. I love spinach and raw carrots etc. But I can’t cope with them; they make me sick. Even now I struggle because of my ileostomy – I’m in agony if I eat certain fruits, veg and salad stuffs. I was brought up on brown bread, now I have to eat white, as the fibre causes absolute chaos.
      I haven’t seen it yet either!!!

    • I know what you mean. I was brought up on brown bread; celery; salads and fruits – all that kind of high fibre healthy stuff. But when I flare I have to cut all that out and live off white, starchy foods. It is always disheartening that people don’t understand that people with IBD can’t digest certain foods; that it is too painful and can cause serious blockages, and agonising abdominal cramps. I have been on every diet imaginable, and often have to cut out solid food completely.
      It is ridiculous that people still judge me for eating sweets or drinking a can of coke (which I know I shouldn’t, but the sugar really helps my energy). They tell me “that’s why your ill” when I’m sat with a small bowel of soup and a handful of sweets! I don’t comment on what they eat – next time I will grab the crisps and chocolate bars out of their mouths…..if food is going to hurt me, I’m bloody well going to enjoy it!!!

      • I crave healthy food and would love nothing more than to eat a nice healthy salad. If I did I would cost the nhs money as I would end up in hospital with a blockage. You’re right, I don’t think people understand at all how much healthy food can cause us pain and problems.
        I know everyone with IBD is different but because its to do with the bowel (in the majority of cases) it always seems to be brought back round to food being the cause or by changing diet being suddenly cured!
        Maybe Dr Christian from embarrassing bodies would like to do a full program all about IBD and get real people on the show talking about the impacts on their life and how we cope on a daily basis. (Initially I thought about a show being done as a joke but I’m now thinking I could be onto something lol)
        Well done, great response to the junk food statement too:)

  4. Actually I saw a link on Ostomy Toronto on Facebook! You did awesomely! I feel like they kind of swept aside your comment about IBD being caused by junk food. If you have a chance next time give them a good shake and stress that it’s not caused by junk food! Maybe a boff to the head too. 😉

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