This time tomorrow…….I will be in the USA – and a magical/ amusing trip to the GP

I’m so excited. I guess I should just leave it there. In a few minutes, if Andy ever comes home, we will be heading off in a car piled high with bags to my parents’ house, so that they can take us to the airport for us to go on our dream holiday.

It’s going to be amazing, but the final preparations have been incredibly stressful, and made 100 times worse by stupid medical things which my specialists have made me have done at the last minute. Today, when I needed to be finishing all the washing, ironing and tidying, I was sat inside an MRI machine, having my brain pounded into mush. I don’t even know why I was having it! If you have never had the pleasure of one of these scans, here’s a tip, don’t ever do, or have, anything that requires you having one – the noise is like being inside a drill.

photo 2-2I finally left the MRI machine, with my head pounding and my legs feeling like they were going to go from under me – to sit in a long queue of elderly people waiting for blood tests. One hour later I was spat out, and a short walk later, found myself in a doctor’s surgery – which, in a breath of fresh air, had a rather comical scene unfurling! Aptly, the self service appointment check-in machine had broken and was giving every single person a NAME FROM HARRY POTTER!!! I am not shitting you!!

I was Hermione Weasley and the guy behind me, Ron Weasley. It was amusing to see, as each person went up to the screen, how they reacted. If someone had read/seen Harry Potter they burst out laughing, and started chatting excitedly, even chuckling to themselves in the, now, very long queue at reception. Those who hadn’t seen/read the Wizarding books, just looked confused. You could really spot the parents, teachers and grandparents among the crowds!

It was, I’m told, simply a technical glitch. But it had to be a joke. I had to take a picture, as I just couldn’t help myself, and even went over to pretend to be a man in the hope that i would get Ron – I did.

I mean how could i resist. Awesome!photo 1-2

Anyway, the bags are packed – hopefully. We have everything – hopefully. And we are ready to go – hopefully. I am as always nervous about going away so far from home with my ostomy, and this will be the furthest I have ever gone, but I am also very excited. I obviously won’t be doing much blogging, tweeting, face booking (is that a word?) while I am over there, so i will see you all in two weeks.

Stay happy, stay safe, stay well.


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