I don’t thank them enough – my parents take to social media to spread IBD awareness

On Saturday night I almost had a nervous breakdown in the middle of a very busy bar. It wasn’t just because I realised I was 27, but my parents put something on Facebook that made me incredibly emotional – thank God for waterproof mascara.

10850132_568890319908334_4700843296614917070_nIt’s hard to describe how this made me feel. Over the years I’ve been through a lot and while dealing with your own pain it’s easy to forget what others are going through. I know that when I’m ill it kills the people around me, and I have no idea how I would cope if my child had Crohn’s or Colitis, or if I ever saw them in pain.

Over the years I’ve put my parents through so much. From typical teenage tantrums, etc, to horrible moments I don’t want to think of ever again, including illness, pain, serious weight loss. I’ve taken things out on them, rebelled and done silly things, I also hope I’ve made them proud in my own little way – but no matter what they have always been there to hold my hand, listen and pick up the pieces.

I have no idea (and never want to know) what it must feel like to have to leave your child in hospital, to know they are in pain, to not know why they are ill, to see the weight fall away, it must make you feel so helpless. But my parents tried everything for me, and still now push for me to get the best care, fight and try everything in their power to keep me healthy and happy. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them.

I’ve been, and still am, so incredibly lucky. Every child deserves a parent who loves them and supports them, but mine have been the most amazing I could ever hope for. I didn’t (and don’t) always say it or appreciate it, but my parents are incredible people, I hope one day to be even slightly as amazing as they are.




3 thoughts on “I don’t thank them enough – my parents take to social media to spread IBD awareness

  1. You have always made us proud of you and remember families that play together, stay together. We will always be there for you and your sister(unless we drop dead of course)

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